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Your Trusted Partner in Business Sales

At Exit Brokers, we understand that selling your business is a significant decision. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and results. Our team of experienced advisors brings decades of industry knowledge and a comprehensive network of professionals to ensure your business sells for its maximum value.

Why Choose Exit Brokers?

  1. Decades of Expertise: Our advisors have extensive experience in business sales, ensuring that you benefit from their deep understanding of the market and proven strategies.
  2. Industry Knowledge: We stay abreast of the latest trends and shifts in various industries, allowing us to position your business effectively in the market.
  3. Valuable Network: Our connections with accountants, attorneys, appraisers, and other professionals ensure that every aspect of your sale is handled by experts.
  4. Maximizing Your Business’s Value: We don’t just sell your business; we work to maximize its value. Our approach involves a thorough understanding of your business’s strengths and potential, ensuring it attracts the right buyers willing to pay a premium.
Comprehensive Business Valuation
  • Accurate and Fair Valuation: We conduct a detailed and comprehensive valuation of your business, considering all factors that contribute to its worth.
  • Market-Based Approach: Our valuation methods are grounded in current market data, ensuring your business is priced competitively yet attractively.
  • Preparing for Sale: We don’t just value your business; we prepare it for sale. This includes advising on improvements and strategies to enhance its appeal to potential buyers.

The Selling Journey

Phase 1
Broker Assessment and Business Valuation

The business owner starts by preparing for the sale. This includes organizing financial statements, improving various aspects of the business to enhance its appeal, and getting a professional valuation to understand its worth. Crucially, this step also involves selecting the right broker, which entails researching and interviewing various brokers to find one with the right experience, understanding of the industry, and a proven track record of successful sales.

Phase 2
Listing the Business

The broker takes charge of listing the business for sale, creating a compelling and detailed listing that includes financial performance and key selling points. They then implement a strategic marketing plan to attract the right buyers, utilizing their network and marketing channels.

Phase 3
Marketing and Screening Potential Buyers

As the broker markets the business, they handle inquiries from interested parties. They meticulously screen these potential buyers to ensure seriousness and financial capability, saving the business owner time and focusing on qualified prospects.

Phase 4
Managing Negotiations and Offers

The broker leads the negotiation process with interested buyers. They evaluate offers, advise the owner on the best course of action, and work to negotiate terms that meet the owner’s objectives.

Phase 5
Facilitating Due Diligence

Once an offer is accepted, the broker coordinates the due diligence process. They ensure that the buyer has access to all necessary information and documents, helping to verify the business's value and operations.

Phase 6
Preparation for Closing

The broker oversees the preparation of all necessary documents and agreements for the sale. They work closely with legal and financial professionals to ensure that all aspects of the sale are handled correctly and in the best interests of the owner.

Phase 7
Finalizing the Sale

The broker manages the final steps of the sale process, including the signing of documents and the transfer of funds. They ensure that the transaction is completed smoothly and that both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Your Success, Our Strategy.


Most frequent questions and answers

The best time to sell depends on various factors, including market conditions, your business’s financial performance, and your personal goals. Ideally, you should sell when the business is doing well and showing potential for future growth.

Business valuation involves analyzing your financial statements, market position, assets, and potential future earnings. A professional business broker can provide a comprehensive valuation based on these factors.

The time frame varies significantly depending on the business type, size, market conditions, and how effectively it’s marketed. On average, it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

You’ll need detailed financial records, business operation documents, asset lists, employee information, and potentially customer and supplier details, depending on the nature of your business.

Exit Brokers will market your business discreetly and require non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before revealing any sensitive information to potential buyers. Additionally, we screen all buyers to ensure they’re qualified and able to make the acquisition.

Although your broker will expertly manage the bulk of the sales process, your active participation is vital. You’ll provide essential business details, meet with carefully vetted buyers, assist in addressing any further inquiries from these prospects, and play a key role in making the final decisions.

Post-sale, there might be a transition period where you help the new owner acclimate to the business. The specifics of this period are usually negotiated as part of the sale agreement.

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