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E-commerce Brand in Travel Fashion, Storage & Accessories

This established e-commerce brand operates within the Travel Fashion, Storage & Accessories Category, offering various sub-categories such as travel wallets, security belts, toiletry bags, electronic organizers, and phone wallets. Each product is equipped with embedded security features including RFID blocking technology, durable zippers, carabiners, tear-proof fabric, recovery tags, and trip assurance, focusing on travel convenience and necessity.

The brand has an extensive international presence, selling not only in the United States but also in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, and Poland. It leverages a modern, sleekly-designed branded website and maintains a Five-Star Amazon Seller Central Storefront with exceptional customer feedback.

Driven by consumer demand for RFID-related products and boasting multiple #1 Amazon Best Seller Badges, the business achieves an average impulse buy ticket value of over USD $30.00 on the Amazon channel, its primary revenue source. Establishing a competitive advantage, the company has secured exclusive supplier contracts, preventing others from selling identical products. It operates with a global sales team and agile fulfillment infrastructure, facilitating worldwide operations through Amazon, including potential expansions into Japan, Australia, the Middle East, and other international markets. Utilizing Amazon FBA for storage and shipping, the business demands minimal infrastructure, enabling remote management from any location.

With a well-defined digital marketing strategy and proven product launch methodologies, this acquisition is prepped for significant success. The business’s scalability extends across various verticals, empowered by effective marketing strategies, particularly in social media (e.g., Instagram posts from popular travel destinations). Opportunities for further growth include enhanced SEM/SMO, affiliate marketing, and cross-selling within the expansive travel and fashion accessories market.

Established favorable credit terms with high-quality OEMs pave the way for launching new product categories and expanding into brick-and-mortar retail and wholesale opportunities. Currently, the company has five new products in the pipeline with an additional five in early R&D stages, signaling a substantial value-added opportunity. This enticing opportunity is poised for a swift contract; reach out immediately to explore ownership options, backed by our preferred SBA lending partners, requiring only a 10% down payment.

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