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Established Arts & Crafts eCommerce Retailer with Niche Offerings

This 25-year-old eCommerce Retailer specializes in high-end Fiber Art Supplies, serving specific niches like schools, crafters, museums, and camps. With a unique product lineup sourced globally, including exclusive items from New Zealand, The Netherlands, and Nepal, it has become a go-to source for hard-to-find craft supplies, including premium wool felts, felting supplies, and more.

Operational across Amazon, Etsy, and a branded website, the majority of sales (over 80%) come from the branded site without any advertising. The company boasts a proprietary line of copyrighted patterns and kits for doll making, contributing significantly to annual sales.

With clean financial records and a stable 25-year track record, the business has showcased consistent YOY sales growth. Under the current management model, it generated over $160,000 in 2018 earnings from $400,000 in sales, with an average order value of $70.99.

The business requires approximately 30 hours per week from the owner and one part-time employee. Its niche positioning offers ample opportunities for growth, including implementing SEM/SMO strategies, leveraging direct email campaigns, expanding product lines and categories, and diversifying sales channels domestically and internationally.

While Amazon sales constitute 15% and Etsy 3% of total sales, both platforms present substantial growth opportunities with minimal advertising efforts. The company’s trademarked lineup, backed by a reputation for quality and exceptional customer service, sets the stage for potential expansion into brick-and-mortar retail and further penetration into various sales networks.

With untapped potential across multiple sales channels, SKU expansion, and international market entry, this business stands poised for scalable growth and increased market presence.

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