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Female Health & Wellness Brand – Remarkable Growth & International Presence

This Health & Wellness brand focuses on the Female Demographic, specializing in Mobile App digital products for bladder health and incontinence remediation. The brand achieves significant sales through its professional website and various Amazon International Marketplaces across North America and the Eurozone.

With an outstanding presence in the baby-boomer-centric market, the brand showcases an exceptional year-over-year growth rate, soaring at over 873% in annual earnings. High ratings and reviews reflect the strong acceptance and efficacy of the product line among its female consumer base.

Operating on an international scale, this retail brand requires minimal experience to manage, being easily trainable. Leveraging Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) model, the business eliminates the need for warehouse space or extensive human capital, allowing owners to concentrate on new product development. The products are in-house developed, directly supplied to FBA, supported by standardized operational processes, ensuring agile and efficient fulfillment and quality assurance.

This brand presents a compelling value proposition with a lineup of proprietary, trademarked SKUs boasting over 25%+ average net margins. Further expansion is facilitated by existing supplier relationships, with plans to introduce a high-end product in Q3 2019. The business demands minimal physical presence, relying on a handful of virtual assistants to sustain its rapid sales growth, with opportunities for scaling, particularly via Amazon’s invitations to multiple international markets.

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