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Five-Star Amazon Retailer Specializing in Wine Accessories

This FIVE-STAR, BRANDED & TRADEMARKED Amazon FBA Retailer operates within the evergreen Home & Kitchen Segment, focusing on the wine accessories vertical. Its product line includes wine saver vacuum pump preservers and wine valve bottle stoppers. Holding trademarks and membership in the Amazon Brand Registry, the business boasts a lifetime count of over 400 positive reviews on its Amazon Seller Storefront. With a consistent average ticket price of $15.99 and an exclusively organic presence on Amazon, the company is currently witnessing an impressive 300% YOY growth trend for 2018, solidifying its strong value proposition.

Operating through 100% Amazon FBA fulfillment, this specialized retailer presents a turn-key opportunity, requiring no additional warehouse or storage overhead. Ownership dedicates 7 to 8 hours per week to oversee operations and offers a comprehensive, swift training program for any prospective buyer of this highly autonomous profit center.

Despite an average monthly visitor rate surpassing 7,500, the business remains poised for diversification. Untapped sales platforms like Jet, Buy, Etsy, Pinterest, among others, remain available, offering ample opportunities for further market capture. Additionally, the brand stands ready for its direct-to-consumer (DTC) website launch, aiming to expand its market share within this consistently healthy segment and vertical.

This well-positioned brand operates in a trendy and consistently thriving space, primed for international market penetration leveraging Amazon’s robust platform, enhanced through comprehensive paid advertising and social media presence. Opportunities abound for new product introductions within this expansive space, presenting an attractive proposition for any buyer seeking entry into a low-stress, high-margin business model.

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