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High-Demand Female Focused Skincare Brand – Ready for Amazon and More!

A leading player in the Health & Beauty Sector, this proprietary Skincare Brand specializes in Facial Care, Cellulite & Stretch Mark Solutions, and Age-Defying serums. Operating primarily through a polished DTC eCommerce website, the brand boasts a captivating product lineup comprising over 40 SKUs with an attractive $60 average ticket price.

This brand’s success story is fueled by its well-established social media and AdWords campaigns, welcoming over 30,000 monthly site visitors and showcasing robust year-over-year growth. Its efficient customer service model relies on on-demand outsourced labor, managing in-house order fulfillment with minimal storage requirements.

Despite enjoying exceptional margins and consistent revenue growth, the brand has yet to explore, an avenue that accounts for a significant share of U.S. eCommerce sales. Venturing into Amazon, alongside other platforms like Wal-Mart, Jet, and Buy, represents a high-ROI opportunity for a buyer, potentially doubling or tripling sales without substantial efforts.

The business stands poised for expansion, boasting a subscriber base of over 17,000 emails and thriving within a highly social-media-driven sector. Future paid advertising campaigns, SEO, and SMO endeavors hold promising returns due to the product nature and market segment, making this brand a prime candidate for success under new ownership, regardless of their skill level.

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