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High-Growth Keto Diet Supplements Brand – Strong Amazon FBA Sales

This Nutraceuticals eCommerce Retailer is a powerhouse in the Low-Carb & Keto Diet Nutritional Supplements domain, primarily focusing on Electrolytes. It stands tall with a stellar 5-Star Rating on Amazon and 100% Positive Feedback. Operating predominantly in the U.S. marketplace, its robust year-over-year growth, coupled with a $50 average ticket value and an impressive 43% repeat customer rate, stems from top-notch brand presentation, exceptional customer service, and a trademarked, in-house product line.

With ownership of two trademarks, this retailer has strategically positioned itself in one of the most thriving spaces within the supplements retail sector – the Ketogenic diet space. Achieving consistent growth with minimal paid marketing efforts, this eCommerce Company has established a solid foothold in a nearly evergreen and seasonless market.

The brand’s success is underpinned by a commitment to quality – safeguarded by Amazon Brand Registry protection, a 100% FBA platform, and streamlined drop-shipped supply lines. Designed for growth from its inception, this business operates with minimal owner involvement, allowing ample room to concentrate on expansion.

As an Amazon FBA brand excelling in the USDM, invitations to enter EU and other markets have already been extended. It serves as an ideal complement for Supplements Retailers seeking expansion or as a lucrative standalone profit center, owing to its highly turn-key operational nature.

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