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Leading Skincare & Beauty Brand on Amazon – 136% YOY Growth

Introducing a monumental opportunity in the skincare industry – a trailblazing brand reigning as one of the largest eCommerce Retailers on, consistently securing a Top 5 Best Seller position in the highly sought-after Beauty and Personal Care category. With an astonishing 150% Year-Over-Year Growth Rate, this brand has carved its niche with multiple Amazon Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice badges.

This Internet Company has become synonymous with rapid scaling, propelled by a remarkable 49% return customer rate and an impressive 35% Net Margin. Positioned as a singular opportunity, it stands on the cusp of category leadership on Amazon, offering a chance for a new owner to step into the shoes of a mega brand.

The brand’s widespread appeal stems from exceptional branding, cutting-edge products featuring proprietary formulas, and a strategically curated lineup of fast-moving SKUs. It has garnered extensive media coverage from USA Today, Buzzfeed, InStyle, Allure, Cosmopolitan,, among others, underscoring its broad consumer reach.

A comprehensive package, this business is poised for success, boasting Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) for seamless fulfillment logistics and a dedicated team of 7 US-based staff members handling all back-end operations. Ownership has left no stone unturned in their quest to not only penetrate but dominate the skincare segment on Amazon.

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