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Premium Water Infusion Brand – Exceptional Growth & Innovation

This brand offers a premium line of water-infusion bottles with unique designs catering to diverse users, from fitness enthusiasts to casual and child users. Its exclusive manufacturing molds set it apart, featuring a user-friendly bottom-fed infuser design, setting new standards in presentation and innovation, ensuring a competitive edge.

Direct-to-consumer sales occur through the branded website and Amazon storefront, witnessing a remarkable 36% YOY growth with impressive 23% net margins. The average ticket value stands at $25.97, fueled by innovative design, top-notch presentation, and value-added content like complimentary eBooks. Positioned in an evergreen segment, the brand has potential for cross-demographic appeal and expansion into related infusion product verticals, including pitchers, ice molds, toddler sippy cups, and more.

The business efficiently outsources PPC and SEO management, handling CSR duties through cost-effective remote VAs, keeping domestic overheads minimal. This portable business model prioritizes growth opportunities, leveraging a robust social media presence for brand loyalty. Future paths include Amazon’s international expansion, wholesale and affiliate ventures, and brick-and-mortar retail, all requiring minimal time and infrastructure investment. An ideal acquisition for businesses within the fitness/health/supplements realm, especially those eyeing Amazon, and equally attractive as a standalone acquisition for agile entrepreneurs.

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