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Well-Established Online Printing, Framing & Mounting Services Provider – Consumer & B2B Accounts

This esteemed online business, with a decade of industry presence, specializes in Printing, Framing, and Mounting Services accessible through its dedicated website. Catering to discerning buyers seeking custom photography, art, and wall-mounted décor, the company offers an array of products, from photography collections to the popular wall tile product. Its clientele spans both consumer and business segments, providing retail sales and pricing for individuals (B2C) while maintaining robust B2B account relationships, delivering impeccable service and premium materials consistently over the years.

Remarkable results define this company’s trajectory, boasting an impressive 48% return customer rate, having served over 40,000 customers to date. Its success stems from a competitive pricing strategy, authentic branding, utilization of top-tier materials, and an unwavering commitment to unparalleled customer care. Operating from a memorable, keyword-rich domain name, this business has not only thrived but outperformed in a market increasingly challenged by corporate giants seeking market share.

With nearly 29,000 followers on Facebook alone, the company has established a strong foothold in social media—an influential factor for a service-oriented business reliant on word-of-mouth. Leveraging a loyal and reference-driven customer base, the sale includes a clean, opt-in contact list of over 16,000 email addresses, already utilized successfully in email marketing campaigns—a ready-to-deploy asset.

The nature of its operations mandates in-house execution of print, frame, and mounting services to ensure quality and expedited supply chain management. Modernized equipment and the nature of its products contribute to an efficient workflow, requiring minimal physical footprint. Moreover, the use of modernized software significantly streamlines operations, minimizing the skillset required for managing a photo print business. The current ownership is primed to facilitate a seamless transition for any prospective new owner.

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